Benefits of CRM for Construction Business

CRM offers the possibility to optimize sales, marketing, and service processes. We are happy to explain a number of proven functionalities for the construction sector.

Put the customer first and increase your sales with SuperOffice CRM

SuperOffice the best CRM for Construction businessCRM (Customer Relationship Management) or customer relationship management is a business strategy for the entire organization. The CRM philosophy is simple: put the customer first. With the help of CRM functionality, you organize your contact details, store all data in one place and manage tasks, documents and e-mails. This gives you a 360-degree customer view. This ensures that you increase customer satisfaction and decrease your customer churn.


Categorize the main functions and roles within your company, as well as the project phases and activities. Communicate with the right contacts at the right time and maintain control over all projects and communications.

Request and ticket management

A rapidly changing environment requires a well-functioning system for handling requests and requests. Structure, categorize and prioritize all incoming requests based on type, customer and project - and automate standard processes.

Document management

Strict industry standards mean you need a document archiving system. With the help of SharePoint Online you can use the functionalities of Office 365 in the field of collaboration, version management and sharing documents with external parties.

Customer and project overview

Get a comprehensive and transparent overview of important customer and project information in one place. With one click, all employees see a complete overview of customers and their associated projects.

Our customers in the construction industry

In recent years, SuperOffice has built many valuable relationships with companies in the construction industry. Heembouw, Hunter Douglas, Roma Nederland, Terberg Totaal Installations and Nikkels Bouwbedrijf are a few examples of this. These companies experience the many benefits of SuperOffice CRM every day. What do customers say about SuperOffice: 

"From loose sand to a solid structure with SuperOffice CRM"

“By using CRM we have not only started to work in a more structured way, but we also do more in less time. An efficiency improvement of 25% does not sound strange to us ”

“Thanks to SuperOffice we achieve annual growth of 16%”.

You understand that we are very happy with these statements from loyal customers.

Would you like to learn more about how SuperOffice CRM can help you? Ask for a demo and a live trial!

About SuperOffice: SuperOffice has been active in Europe for more than 31 years in developing and implementing CRM solutions for the business-to-business market. Our software helps companies and employees achieve higher sales, strong marketing, and high-quality customer service. The strength of our solutions lies mainly in their user-friendliness and flexibility. More than 15,000 organizations now use SuperOffice CRM on a daily basis

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