Hyper Local Community Media Network in West Vitosha and Pernik region and South-West Bulgaria

Early in 2007 we started a small i.e. super small even hiper small media with a single village website of village Kladnitsa. Then slowly we added neighbouring villages and created our Hyper Local Community Media Network in West Vitosha, Pernik region and South West Bulgaria:

Villages and towns in Pernik, Tran, Breznik regions, South Vitosha and South-West Bulgaria:
КладницаРударциДрагичевоСтудена,Кралев долДивотиноЛюлинГолемо Бучиноквартал ЦъркваМещицаград БатановциБогданов долЯрджиловциБоснекНоевциград БрезникКралев долЧуйпетловоВладаяМърчаево,БанищеРъждавецЛесковецДобри дол(Земенско), Бела Водаhttp://www.PernikOnline.com/, http/www.iPernik.com/http://www.RadomirOnline.com/,
http://www.KovchevciOnline.com/ , http://www.kyustendilonline.com/http://www.dupnicaonline.com/ , 

Blogs in Pernik and Vitosha region:
СтуденаДрагичевоКладницаРударциместността СелимицаСелищен долЛюлинСтаро селоВелковци,ЯрджиловциБогданов долквартал ЦъркваЧерна гораЖелезницаквартал КалкасРадуйРасникград Батановци,БоснекЧуйпетловоДивотиноГолемо бучиноКралев долМърчаевоМещицаВитановциВладаяЗидарци

Your village/town does not have a web site? Call us to join you at very attractive conditions. You need to be local, literate and to have internet access. Call us now!