IT/IS Support services

BL Consulting Ltd provides full range of IT consultancy, SLA(Service Level Agreements), remote and on site support, remote archiving and data security services. Customers rely on our services to run their business smoothly without worring about IT issues. Our services not only offer your organization reliable 24/365 support bu also reducess the costs associated with maintaining systems and hardware, data recovery and stress situations. This is not only IT support - it is business stress-less operations policy.

 How we work:

  1. Examin and evaluation of your IT environment
  2. Providing initial proposal for optimization considering all associated risks that existing system bears, contingency plannig
  3. Planning for change, plan execution and go life
  4. Support servicess - hotline - applicaitons, all IT related issues, specialized systems support, remotely and if required on site
  5. Monthly/Quartelrly/Semi-yearly and yearly examination of existing system
  6. SLA - Service Level Agreements

We are flexible in our standards! Looking for more or less - CALL US NOW!

BL Consulting Ltd offers a wide range of IT products , solutions and services for your specific needs and budget, we aim at efficiency, reliability and security of your systems. Each solution is tailored to your individual needs. High-tech services and solutions we offer not only refer to the current moment, but prepare your system for future needs and requirements.

Computer Support - We offer services and solutions for IT support for every situation and budget , whether it is on a subscription basis (based on contract ) or occasional ( on-call ) . Scope of services IT support : The whole range of computer and office equipment - workstations , laptops , servers , printers, scanners , copiers ; network equipment ( switches , routers , Wi-Fi wireless devices ) , various connectivity (internet, MPLS VPN), PBX - digital , VoIP; Video surveillance systems and access control ; systems for backup and archiving of information; Coordination with other providers when problems are within their competence ( internet providers , suppliers of specialized software and hardware) ; staff training in information system and troubleshooting related to the process of their work ; advice when purchasing IT equipment and software licensing .

Sales of hardware and software licensing - BL Consulting Ltd is a kind of service for all your needs of hardware and software that enables you to save time and costs. We offer a full range of computer and office equipment : workstations , laptops , printers , servers , networking equipment , backup devices , disk arrays , uninterruptible power supplies, operating systems and application software. We offer a long list of products from virtually any manufacturer .

Installation , configuration and maintenance of Linux / Windows based servers , applications and services: Web, Mail, databases, VoIP servers; solutions for e-mail security (anti-virus/spam/spyware), CRM, VPN, firewalls. Systems for collaboration between users, controls documentation and processes , backup and archiving . We offer the most optimal software solutions to meet your business needs , whether they are based on open source or commercial. Our main goal is your business to work as smoothly with the least cost .

Design, construction and maintenance of local - LAN, Wireless - Wi-Fi and VPN - VPN: We offer services for construction and maintenance of high - optimized and reliable network infrastructures . Through effective planning we do our network solutions not only meet your current needs, but also prepare your network for future requirements and needs.

Network security - today more than ever, good network security and vital for any business regardless of its size . Companies need to deploy multiple security technologies to protect their networks from viruses , Trojans, hacker attacks , etc. It is a consideration at every level of the network infrastructure . We offer a suite of products and services to protect your business processes through analysis , identification and protection from security threats caused by external or internal sources.

Virtualization of servers and applications. Go to CLOUD handling. BL Consulting Ltd works with a variety of virtualization platforms - VMWare, KVM, Microsoft. Any virtualization solution is strictly tailored to individual requirements , needs and budget of the client.

IT consulting - Whether starting from scratch or thinking about upgrade / replacement of all or some of your technology products or systems , our experienced IT consultants will recommend the best solution. Consultancy services cover the full range of IT needs such as computer networks , software and hardware solutions , maintenance contracts , licensing.

IT Audit - We offer you a review of the effectiveness and security of your IT systems, processes and risks related to them include: inadequate security (no antivirus solution or firewall , etc.), inefficient use of corporate resources or mismanagement , inefficient IT strategies, policies and practices (including the lack thereof ) , protection from abuse and IT access control to resources - unauthorized modification of the software or data; theft of confidential information; use of IT systems for personal purposes , continuity of IT systems ( backup strategies , redundancy , etc.)