Red Cactus monthly update February

Every month RedCactus add new integrations, features and changes to existing integrations. The key points in release 3.37 are: 

New (and updated) Phone Connectors

New (and updated) CRM Connectors from R​edCactus

  • TeleQ connector added.
  • NetSuite CRM connector added.
  • The Layer CRM connector added.
  • Compenda CRM connector added.
  • AccountView added Open Relation button for opening contacts in the relation management view.
  • Odoo now supports the SearchBar. 
  • Odoo added new action button: Create Ticket.
  • Odoo added ignore field list.


  • New parameters added:  $call_simulated,  $number_is_anonymous,  $number_is_internal.
  • Automations can now be run synchronous / asynchronous.
  • Automations new actions added: Disable CRM call forwarding, Disable CRM lookup, Disable CRM call registration, Disable last call information storage.
  • Automations new conditions added: Call note finished.
  • Automations Replace Parameter action can now set new parameters.
  • Automations Http request action now uses automation state parameters instead of popup parameters.
  • Automations new condition added: Call from same number.
  • Parameter Lookup now supports multi-result.

New integrations are also coming in the coming months. Check RedCactus website:

Red Cactus 

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