Chasing the Search of Small Victories for Customers and the Team

We all need our little victories in life. This makes a huge difference to us and to the people around us. I am pleased to share the excitement to witness and being a major player in making the two amazing solutions LeadX360 and SuperOffice working in a seamless synchronous way.

We have both solutions fully integrated improving our team's experience with both solutions!
SuperOffice and LeadX360 fully integrated
This not only fills the gap in automation/integration but makes the solution of SuperOffice AND LeadX deliver a totally different experience to everyone in the organization.

BL Consulting is the first client of SuperOffice and LeadX360 to enjoy their life integration.

Leads created by our partners are synched to sales cards and two systems work as one more powerful solution. Thank you to our partners from SuperOffice and LeadX for the chance given and for the efforts contributed toward this amazing achievement!

But we do not stop here! We want not only our team and partners to enjoy this. Sharing and giving is the way to prosper together!

We want to share the victory in your business with you! We are looking for the next one willing to empower its whole team engagement with the company, client experience boost, and thrive in the challenges of our times.

Special conditions apply based on first come first served in order to celebrate together YOUR victory! Do not be shy! Ask for a demo and a live trial!

About LeadX360: LeadX 360® is THE tool that links the company together through real-time data and mobilizes all staff to boost sales. Learn more.

About SuperOffice: SuperOffice makes award-winning CRM software for sales, marketing, and customer service. Learn more.

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