How to manage sales teams with SuperOffice CRM

Remember how challenging it was to be a rookie salesperson?
Getting to know new people, products, and prices, while still trying to reach your sales target!
What if you could give your new sales rep a tool to get him up and running fast and on the right track straight away?
And imagine that the same tool can combine the practices from your best salespeople and share them so that everyone can improve their performance.

The SuperOffice Sales Guide allows you to do all that and more.

In this demo we’ll show you:

  • How you can map a sales process through an easy step-by-step guide;
  • How your salespeople can optimize their time and effort by following the best-practices;
  • How the Sales Guide supports your team in their every step towards closing a sale.

Please contact us for a life demo or to arrange a free trial account for a month.


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