Elevate Odoo e-commerce with Econt and/or Speedy integration

Sell with Odoo, deliver with Econt or Speedy

Odoo e-commerce goes beyond just providing a visually appealing storefront; it operates seamlessly as a comprehensive business solution where much more unfolds behind the scenes. The platform's strength lies in its ability to integrate various business processes, and one crucial aspect is the seamless connection with courier company software. This integration is a pivotal component that ensures the efficient management and tracking of shipments.

By integrating with courier systems like Econt and Speedy in Bulgaria and Odoo e-commerce automates order fulfillment, real-time tracking, and shipping label generation. This not only streamlines the entire shipping process but also significantly enhances customer satisfaction by providing accurate delivery information. The importance of this integration cannot be overstated, as it not only saves time and resources but also minimizes the risk of errors, ensuring a smooth and reliable logistics operation for businesses utilizing Odoo e-commerce.

 We are happy to announce that Odoo already has integration with the two courier giants in Bulgaria Econt and Speedy with a network across and beyond the country.

Odoo интеграция с Еконт

Econt Shipping Integration

Econt is a popular courier and logistics company in Bulgaria, and integrating it with Odoo can help you manage your shipping and logistics more efficiently.

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Odoo интеграция със Спиди

Speedy Shipping Integration

Speedy is a popular courier and logistics company in Bulgaria, and integrating it with Odoo can help you manage your shipping and logistics more efficiently.

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Why opt for Econt/Speedy Shipping Integration with Odoo for your business?

  • Gain the advantage of setting a price determined by customizable rules, including factors like distance and weight.
  • Effortlessly track your shipments using unique tracking numbers, ensuring real-time visibility into their journey. 
  • Elevate customer satisfaction by delivering a branded experience through customized shipment tracking emails.
  • Print shipping label different sizes like 10*15 or 10*9
  • Vendor can choose payment method (Credit & Cash)
  • Vendor can choose Shipping charge payer or who will pay shipping charge (Sender or Receiver)

With Econt/Speedy Shipping Integration, not only do you streamline pricing strategies based on specific criteria, but you also enhance operational transparency and leave a lasting positive impression on your customers with a cohesive and branded shipping communication experience.

Generate labels faster

No more manual labels, print labels in seconds, with one click

Auto Email Notifications

Notifications via branded emails and a branded tracking page.

Reduce Human Error

Automate your entire fulfillment process.

Shipment Rate Management

Get accurate or own desired shipment rate.

Generate Manifest Slip

Save time by automatically generating manifest report

Seamless Support

Customer support is included in the price.

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