Drupal for Publishers and News Sites

Attendance on first in Bulgaria DrupalCamp 2021

Presentation and demo of transition of a custom PHP & MySQL system for news site to Drupal. Description of pros/cons and major processes and steps toward data migration. Modules used for news web sites and data migration (showcase!), trends and news sites, magazines, newspapers built on Drupal.

Q&A session!

Drupal for publishers and news sitesCitizens of Pernik support DrupalCamp Sofia 2011 In details teams of two of News web sites in Pernik do support DrupalCamp 2011, and will invite you int the technical kitchen of one of the two webs:

http://www.ipernik.com/ here is th other one: http://www.pernikonline.com/3732/drupalcamp-2011

We will show you what Drupal can do not only worldwide but also in Bulgarian media.

We welcome you to Drupal Camp Sofia 2011

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