GEODI - Single AI-Based Solution

for Enterprise Search, Data Discovery, GIS, Archive and Data Protection

GEODI Makes Your Data Searchable

With GEODI, you may have access to more than 200 different formats of content types, such as Word, Excel, PDF, DWG, CRM or ERP databases, and Social Media. Thanks to GEODI’s semantic search capabilities, you can easily find what you are looking for.

Works 7/24 and From Everywhere

You may access your data from anywhere and anytime with your mobile phone or internet browser. It provides secure access to your data with detailed authorization rules. It informs you when a document you are interested in arrives to your system. In this way, it becomes easier to follow up issues and focus more on your business processes.

Always Find What You Are Looking For with GEODI

By using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technologies, GEODI enables you to find a lot of information that you cannot find with simple word-based searches. You do not need to pre-classify of documents or entering metadata while indexing. This provides you time and resources.

GEODI Guides You

Consumes and evaluates your data before you do and gives you information w/o any searching. It generates the map of your data, the calendar of your contracts or the relationships between documents. In this way, it unearths lots of information that you cannot find by searching.

See The Big Picture With Map

With its patented technology, GEODI solves the problem of GIS users on keeping the geographical data updated. It keeps the information in documents as text/verbal data. Thus, it automatically solves problems such as long and laborious data entry and integration.

Works With Scanned Documents

With the OCR technology, it automatically turns documents and images taken by Scanner or Mobile phones into searchable text. In this way, you automatically add articles, faxes, or documents you captured in the field to your archive.

Empowers Teamwork

Your team members can take notes on the documents and assign tasks to each other. If someone adds a document, other members will be informed. Your processes will scale up by avoiding copies of the same contents or getting lost in emails.


GEODI has a modular structure. You choose the modules according to your needs and priorities. You can fill the Need analysis form to determine the modules that are suitable for your needs. You can buy or lease GEODI and its modules.

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