Filipov Global Solution relies on Odoo for finding the best people

Filipov Global Solution aproached us to create a new website. So far company was relying on a word of mouth, social networks and personal connections to find the best people for seasonal and industrial occupation for their customers in France. Long term experience of close to 15 years created a strong connections with customers and with people looking for a seasonal work in France. It was time to Scale Up.

We were recomended by a client and first we wanted to understad from Mr. Filipov is how they work. From all the options we had for developing his company virtual presence Odoo was the best choice not only to get online, but also to digitize and engage further with their stakeholders - candidates for available positions and further with their clients - looking for reliable workforce.

Go life was quick - 10 days! The implementation went as a learning  curve for employees. In fact the website was ready in 5 days. 

What modules they use: Website, Recruitment, Calendar, Discussions, Knowledge, Project, Planning, Survey, Sign, Employees

For the future Mr.Filipov would like to further digitize all processes in the company by utilizing the maximum of Odoo.

See more at their website: 

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