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Website of Zelenika Foundation

We completed another Drupal project - website of Foundation Zelenika. Foundation "Zelenika" aims to promote environmental protection, sustainable development, efficient and orderly management and use of natural resources through the promotion and implementation of eco-friendly concepts, promoting civic involvement and participation in decision-making processes.

Visti the site at http://www.zelenika.org/

Online Web Store WebMagazin.BG

Online Web Store WebMagazin.BG

A successful internal project of BL Consulting Ltd with all you need for your online sales. The project was established in 2013 focusing on massage goods - chairs, massagers - pillows, seats etc. and electronics equipment. Further due to increased interest the shop sells goods for medical care - bloodpreasuer measurers, wheight measurers, sugar level measurers etc.

Visit the website:http://www.webmagazin.bg/