Ascent for CRM


Ascent for CRM is an enterprise wide customer relationship management system. Its highly flexible functionality manages the traditional points of interaction with the audiences in your marketplace through sales, marketing and support applications whilst a unique ability to integrate data and processes from other systems in your organisation also provides a single, consistent view of a customer, crucial to supporting any effective relationship management strategy.


We recognise that everyone has different processes and wants to approach their relationship management in a different way. We take the view that integration is the keystone to success, and we have designed our solutions to support our philosophy of 'Joined-Up-Business'. Each Ascent product gives you integration, not only across the whole suite of applications, but throughout your customer channels and your back-office enterprise functions too.

Ascent CRM Version 2.0

Launched in February 2005, Ascent CRM Version 2.0 builds upon the pedigree of the established Ascent products. Designed within the Microsoft .NET framework, and incorporating some strong new functionality such as the integrated business process engine, Ascent Version CRM Version 2.0 has allowed us to extend, even further, the type of relationship management solutions that we have been providing to date, incorporating high levels of foreign data integration with customer configured requirements.